Cosmetic Dentistry: Creating Better Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry: Creating Better Smiles

You might think that only the rich and famous can get cosmetic dentistry. As time passes on, more and more people know about and use the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. It’s no longer just about having perfect teeth. When thinking about getting professional dental work to improve your smile, there are many things to think about. Here are some ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve a person’s oral health and make their teeth and gums look better.

Replacement of missing teeth.

The most common way a smile makeover can improve a person’s appearance is by replacing teeth. Missing teeth don’t always look good, and they might make someone feel bad or not want to smile. A cosmetic dentist may propose dental implants, bridges, or dentures to restore lost teeth.

Restoration of decaying teeth.

Having your teeth fixed is another way to improve your smile. Teeth that are decaying may have dark patches that show where the decay is. This can be embarrassing or make you not want to smile. In the process of a dental checkup for TMJ in Red Deer, dental restoration procedures like fillings, Onlays, inlays, dental crowns, or veneers are often used to fix teeth that don’t look good.

Whitening of stained teeth.

Teeth whitening is a common part of cosmetic dentistry in Montreal because it makes the teeth look better and changes their color. A professional teeth-whitening procedure by a cosmetic dentist can give you great results. Usually, your teeth will be eight shades lighter than they were before the surgery.

Correction of misshapen gums.

People who have any kind of gum disease are more likely to have receding gums. Also, the gums may get stained, making a smile makeover necessary. A cosmetic dentist might reshape the gums as part of a smile makeover. This method could help reshape the gums so that the gum line and teeth look the same.

Extension of short teeth.

As part of a smile makeover, dental veneers can be used to lengthen teeth that are too short. Dental veneers can make a big difference in how a person’s teeth look by aligning all of the teeth in the same way.

Straightening of misaligned teeth.

Straightening teeth as part of a smile makeover isn’t common, but it is possible. A cosmetic dentist might use clear aligners to fix small problems with the teeth. Clear aligners can straighten crooked teeth or close small gaps between teeth, making your smile look better.

Covering of fractured or chipped teeth.

Accidents and injuries happen, sometimes resulting in a chipped or broken tooth. Even though these flaws might not be harmful, they might make things look bad. Cracks and chips can be fixed with dental crowns, veneers, or the toughest dental bonding Airdrie has to offer, all of which can be done as part of a smile makeover.


When choosing the right cosmetic dentist, make sure he or she has the knowledge and years of experience in cosmetic dentistry to give you confidence that they can give you the results you want. Before going to a cosmetic dentist, talk to someone about your other options. Always ask for references and before-and-after pictures. Look for dentists who know about all the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry.

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